The call for ENGIHR Short Visit & Exchange Visit travel grant applications is now closed.

There will be funding available to help your participation in the 2014 ENGIHR Conference and we will announce this funding once the details of the 2014 conference have been finalised.

List of Previous Awards

Exchange Travel Grants:

Application of FISH tecnique in fecal samples for validation of qPCR results on gut microbiota.

Name & Supervisor: Catarina Simoes (Maria Saarela, VTT, Finland). Visiting: Karen Scott (Rowett Institute, Aberdeen, UK). Start time & Duration: 18thMarch 2011, 4 weeks. Report

Investigating the potential for novel probiotic bacteria isolated in Turkey to impact on the microbial ecology of gastrointestinal tract.

Name & Supervisor: Merve Samli (Sebnem Harsa, Ismir Instutute, Ismir, Turkey. Visiting: Karen Scott (Rowett Institute, Aberdeen, UK). Start time & Duration: 23rd August 2011, 4 weeks. Report

Role Of Short Chain Fatty Acids Produced By The Gut Microbiota To Regulate The Expression Of G-Protein Coupled Receptor 43 In Adiposse Tissue.

Name & Supervisor: Nuria Salazar (Clara de los Reyes-Gavilan, IPLA-CSIC, Spain). Visiting: Nathalie Delzenne (Louvaine Drug Institute, Burussels, Belgium). Start time & Duration: 3rd November 2011, 4 weeks. Report

Effects of transit time on bifidoabcteria colonisation pattern.

Name & Supervisor: Ekaterina Avershina (Ingolf Nes, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway). Visiting: Anne McCartney (University of Reading, UK). Start time & Duration: 1st October 2012, 4 weeks. Report

In vivo efficacy of an immunomodulatory peptide encrypted in an extracellular protein from Lactobacillus plantarumters.

Name & Supervisor: Arancha Hevia (Borja Sánchez, IPLA-CSIC, Villaviciosa, Spain). Visiting: Simon Carding (Institute of Food Research, Norwich, UK). Start time & Duration: 1st May 2013, 4 weeks. Report 

In vivo Bioluminescence imaging for the study of intestinal colonization by Enterococcus faecalis in mice.

Name & Supervisor: Sabina Leanti La Rosa (Ingolf Nes, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway). Visiting: Paul Ross (APC, Cork, Ireland). Start time & Duration: 1st May 2013, 4 weeks. Report


Short Travel Grants:

Meeting for collaboration between the research groups of Fredrik Bäckhed and Riitta Korpela.

Name & Supervisor: Lotta Stenman (Riitta Korpela, University of Helsinki, Finland). Visiting: Fredrik Bäckhed (Sahlgresnka University Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden).Start time & Duration: 26rd April 2011, 1 day. Report

Development of new synbiotics.

Name & Supervisor: Signe Adamberg (Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn, Estonia). Visiting: Torkel Wadström (University of Lund, Sweden). Start time & Duration: 19th September 2012, 2 days. Report