FP7 Call for Proposals:
The following link relates to a EU commission call for proposals on metagenomic research (following on from MetaHIT):
Identifier: FP7-KBBE-2013-7-single-stage. Deadline: 05 February 2013Activity 2.2 Fork to farm: Food (including seafood), health and well being. KBBE.2013.2.2-02: Factors influencing the human gut microbiome and its effect on the development of diet-related diseases and brain development:


BBSRC: Research priorities include “Healthy and Safe Food – The aim of this priority is to improve understanding of the links between diet and health”; “Ageing research: lifelong health and wellbeing- Fundamental (mechanistic) research on the biology of ageing and its modulation by diet. Diet, physical activity and health during ageing”; “Data driven biology - Projects should focus on underpinning and enabling one of the BBSRC strategic research priorities (food security, industrial biotechnology, bioscience underpinning health) or have potential, generic utility across one or more broad areas of the biosciences”.
DRINC: Diet and Health Research Industry Club (DRINC). “Over £12M has been provided to enable high quality research into diet and health within UK universities and research institutes, aimed at helping the food industry develop products that deliver enhanced health benefits for consumers”. A 3rd call for grant proposals is expected in late 2012.
The Broad Foundation: “The Broad Medical Research Program (BMRP) aims to help persons with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) by stimulating innovative, early stage research that opens new avenues for the diagnosis, therapy and prevention of these diseases. Funding may be requested for up to two years. Second-year funding will be based on an evaluation of the progress and the perceived value of the findings from the first year of funding. There are no deadlines or specific dates by which to request funding. Proposals are accepted and reviewed year–round, and the BMRP makes every effort to provide rapid response and funding”.
CORE: “Active consideration will be given to “Proof of Concept” grants to enable researchers to apply for funding of up to one year to demonstrate the feasibility of new ideas in order for them to then apply to larger funding bodies for more significant funding. One-year funding for pilot projects, which would enable a researcher to gain funding from national funding bodies, will also be considered”.Next awards deadline 2013.
Diabetes UK: Call for research proposals include “Overcoming barriers to achieving good glycaemic control in Type 1 diabetes”. Next deadline: 1 December 2011 (Committee meets in May 2012).
North West Cancer Research Fund: “Scientists based in the North West of England and North Wales* are invited to apply for funding by providing detailed information about what they want to look into and why. These applications are then reviewed by our scientific committee who meet twice a year (April 1st and October 1st). NWCRF is committed to the funding of academic posts/laboratory centres in the University of Liverpool, Lancaster and Bangor.”
Yorkshire Cancer Research: ”Yorkshire Cancer Research is the provider of a range of scientific and clinical research Awards for cancer researchers based in Yorkshire. Commercial Development Awards are also available to progress suitable projects capable of delivering patient benefit. Project Awards (Deadline: End of July).These awards are for a specific and well defined project over a maximum three year period. Pump Priming Awards (Deadline: End of June) – financially capped at £50,000.”