Helsinki,2-4 May 2012, 2nd ENGIHR WORKSHOP:

     Diet and the Gut Microbiota: New Directions

Thanks to all of you who contributed to the Helsinki Workshop. We hope you found it to be a good opportunity to make new contacts and exchange ideas.

The meeting started with amorning of 4 talks on different aspects of gut health. Jose Maria Lagaron (IATA-CSIC, Valencia, Spain) gave a talk on nanotechnology for the delivery of bioactives, and was followed by Michael Blaut (DIFE, Nuthetal, Germany) who presented data from his lab concerning gnotobiotic mouse models used for studying the intestinal microbiota. Tor Lea (University of Life Sciences, As, Norway) gave a talk on the relationship between the host immune system and the gut microbiota, and finally Sam Possemiers (Ghent University, Belgium) who talked about his experience with in vitro models of the human intestinal tract.

In the afternoon, 4 conncurrent Working Groups Discussions on 4 topics: 1) Development and Maintenance of the Intestinal Microbiota ; 2) Effect of the Diet on Shaping the Intestinal Microbiota; 3) Current and Future Technologies to Investigate the Intestinal Microbiota; 4) Bioactives: Discovery and Delivery. The keynote address was given by Dusko Ehrlich, Coordinator of MetaHIT and focussed on the latest data from the MetaHIT microbiome project.

On the second day, Dirk Hadrich from the EU Commission gave a talk on Funding Opportunities in Personalised Medicine, then the workshop ended with general discussions about the findings of the Working Groups.

During the Workshop, plans were made for the writing of several reviews coving some of the topics discussed. Writing groups have been established and details of these reviews will be available shortly.

You can download the Helsinki Workshop Booklet to veiw abstracts from the meeting as well as the participant profiles. The Helsinki Meeting Report is also available to veiw. Your feedback from the meeting has been valuable to us and we will be making some changes based upon what you have told us. A Summary of Feedback is available here.

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AIMS: This 2nd ENGIHR workshop aims to build on the 1st exploratory workshop by focussing on four specific themes relating to gut health and creating a forum for discussion. Debate will centre around working groups followed by expert panel discussions. We expect that outcomes from this meeting will lead to the formulation of new research proposals. Click here for latest Workshop Programme

DISCUSSION GROUPS: The 4 discussion groups have been organised to include a range of researchers from across Europe at different stages of their careers. You can contribute online to these discussion groups by clicking the links above. Click here for the latest list of participants.