The European Network for Gastrointestinal Health Research (ENGIHR) is a European Science Foundation Research Networking Programme (RNP) which promotes interactions between researchers interested in gut health research in Europe. This is done through a series of scientific meetings organised over a four-year period. The Network has a multidisciplinary nature, encompassing food manufacturers, food scientists, nutritionists, microbiologists, and clinicians. It promotes the training and development of young scientists through short visits grants, and encourages the integration of new partners.


January 14, 2015: Although the Network is no longer funded by the EU, some enthusiastic researchers still would like to keep the network going. Dr. Koen Venema of Beneficial Microbes Consultancy ( is administrator of the website. If you have any news items that you would like to have posted or sent around to the participants in the network, please contact him.

November 2014: The 4th Beneficial Microbes Conference will take place next year, 16th-18th March in The Hague (The Netherlands). More details can be found here: 4th Beneficial Microbes Conference Programme

November 2014: The 2014 ENGIHR Conference in September was a great success and enjoyed by all. The meeting report & speaker talks can be found on the 2014 Conference Page.

We are please to announce that the 2014 ENGIHR Conference, entitled: The Gut Microbiota Throughout Life, will take place at the Max Rubner-Institut, Karlsruhe, Germany (September 24th-26th, 2014). Download the provisional Karlsruhe Programme here.

The conference will be hosted by Professor Bernhard Watzl and will include speaker sessions on the gut microbiota during infancy, adulthood and old-age, and the relationship with the diet. Professor Liping Zhao from the Shanghai Center for Systems Biomedicine in China has agreed to give the keynote talk at the conference. Liping Zhao is a world leader in microbiota-diet research and we look forward to hearing him talk.

To register, please complete the Registration Form and return to Registration Deadline: 30th June 2014.

For more details, please go to the 2014 Conference Page.

Thanks to all who participated in the 2013 ENGIHR Conference in Valencia. We hope that you enjoyed the networking and the excellent talks. The conference proceedings can now be downloaded at the “2013 Conference” page.

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The ENGIHR Steering Committee met after the 2013 Valencia conference and agreed that the next and final 2014 ENGIHR conference will be held at the Max-Rubner Institute in Kalsruhe, Germany. The conference will be hosted by Professor Bernhard Watzl, dates to be announced. We will update you soon on the focus and title of this meeting.

The ENGIHR Steering Committee met in Tallin, Estonia, on October the 19th. The provisional dates for the 2013 ENGIHR workshop will be the 25th-27th September 2013 and the focus of the meeting will on “metabolites of the gut microbiota”. More details will be available here: 4th Beneficial Microbes Conference Programme.


A Workshop entitled “Gut microbiota in health and disease” will be held from 13 -15 September in Maastricht, the Netherlands. More information can be found at the website .

ENGIHR is now on LinkedIn. We plan to use this space for general discussions about funding, research ideas, and plans for future ENGIHR activities. See you there!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2nd ENGIHR Workshop (2nd-4th May, 2012). The workshop report will soon be available on the Workshop page.

A local ENGIHR meeting took place in Manchester (UK) on November 4th. “Diet and the Gut Microflora in Health and Disease” was being organised jointly by ENGIHR and the Manchester Diet, Digestion and Health network. Report to follow…….

The ENGIHR Steering Committee met in London on the 16th September. Plans were made for the next workshop to be held in Finland in May 2012. The meeting will be hosted by Dr Maria Saarela (VTT). More details to follow………